Our school newsletter is produced to help you and your family keep up-to-date with all the latest news and upcoming events at Our Lady of the Rosary St Mary's.

  2022 Term 1 Week 11

In this issue......Principal's Message, Term 1 Review, Assistant Principal News, Holy Week, Awards and more


  2022 Term 1 Week 9

In this issue....Principal's Message, RE News, Supervision, Enrolments 2023 and more

  2022 Term 1 Week 7

In this issue.......Principal's Message, From the Assistant Principal, From the Religious Education Coordinator, Lighthouse Awards, Happy Birthday, School Photos, Second-Hand Uniforms, Compass Parent Portal

  2022 Term 1 Week 5

In this issue......Principal's Message, School Prayer, Kitchen Garden Program, Happy Birthday, Lighthouse Awards, What's Happening, Meet, Greet & Goals Parent Chats

  2022 Term 1 Week 3

In this issue....Principal's Message, From the Assistant Principal, School Volunteers Required, Supervision, Kindergarten Information Night, Happy Birthday, School Fees, Sport Days, Kiss'n'Drop, 2022 Canteen Menu.

  Heading for Term 2 Week 6

Synopsis goes here...

  Heading for 2020 Term 2 Week 2

Synopsis goes here...