Year 1 Visit to Summit Care St Marys


On the 16th of September year 1 had the privilege to go and see the residence at the Summitcare center in St Marys. Year One had a great time sharing their writing about schools in today's society as well as telling them some of their favorite school stories and books to read.

SummitCare is a family-owned business that has supported the community for generations. In 1966 it was a solitary nursing home in Sydney, caring for the individual needs of older people with a warm and caring community approach. Now it has grown larger and is home to many individuals within the SummitCare community.

Residents within the home were filled with joy in their hearts as they enjoyed the conversations with the students, exchanging what school was like for them growing up along with some of their own school tales and experiences.

Staff and students are eager to visit again to read and exchange more fun stories and novels.