School Notes

This page contains a collection of information notes, permission slips and general documents sent home from Our Lady of the Rosary St Marys.

If you require any further information please contact the school office by email or phone on 8856 8301 weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm.

  Application for Extended Leave

Application for Extended Leave

  Change of Family Details

If you have changed your address or phone number, please complete this form return to us so that our details are up to date in case we need to contact you.

  Excursion Permission Note

A blank excursion permission note that needs to be completed for all excursions.

  Local Area Permission Note

A permission note to allow us to take your child off site to OLR Church, Don Bosco. Needs to be completed every year.

  What do I do if..

A Q&A Sheet on frequently asked questions

  Maths Cards

Some warm-up math activities

  Maths Dice Activities

Some warm-uo Math's activities

  Woolworths Earn and Learn Promotion

Promotion run by Woolworths where shoppers receive stickers for amount spent. Stickers placed on sticker sheet and when sheet full bring to school and place in collection box.