At Our Lady of the Rosary St Mary’s, we provide children with diverse learning opportunities to help them become the best person and learner they can be.

Our Catholic culture, daily Religious Education and our Catholic worldview influences all learning across the school day.

An integrated approach to learning, encompassing all key learning areas, and with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, ensures every child is helped to reach their full potential.

"Learning should be, above all, a joyful journey towards wisdom, maturity and empowerment. The recognition of excellence and effort in the context of explicit standards will ensure not only students learn how to learn, but they come to love learning as a lifelong commitment." - Teaching and learning In Our Schools, CEO, 2003
"We provide an educational environment which challenges and supports each individual to achieve his/her personal best and acknowledges individual needs." - Our Lady of the Rosary Mission Statement, 2000

Our Lady of the Rosary St Mary’s, has a dedicated team of teachers, committed to providing a quality Catholic education for their students.

In this section of our site you will find information about our curriculum, our support programs, sport, and the many extracurricular opportunities we provide.